Automation Division

Team Status utilizes strong management and technical structure to ensure each and every project is completed safely, in the most efficient and cost effective manner, with attention to detail, and conformance to the project specification. Our installation crews are carefully selected to ensure adequate experience, training, and understanding of the aspects for each project.

Status Automation division of Status Electrical Corporation has the expertise to perform industrial, institutional electrical, control, instrumentation, automation, SCADA/HMI, analysers and process controls for the oilfield, water & waste and utilities sectors.

Our goal is for customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Our Engineering and technical staff are trained and experienced in each product and system that we deliver. We encourage skills upgrading for all our employees.

Services & Highlights

Security Electronics Systems Integration & Installation

PC or PLC based monitoring, networking, control and subsystem integration for security and detention facilities.

KCCF Screenshots
  • Door Control Security Systems.
    System 2000X application toolkit.
  • Card Access Systems.
    System 2000X integrated access control.
    C-Cure, Kantech and many others.
  • Standard or IP Based CCTV Systems
    Pelco, Vicon, Panasonic, American Dynamics, Bosch
    Genetec, OnSSi, Sony
  • Intercom and Public Address, Nurse Call
    Harding DXL/DXI, Stentofon, Rauland
  • Radio Systems
  • Personal Duress Systems
  • Fibre Fence Detection Systems
  • Taut Wire Fence Systems
  • Perimeter Beam Detection
  • Elevator Controls

SCADA / HMI Implementation

Kosovo HMI
  • Human Machine Interface, monitoring, networking, control, data acquisition and subsystem integration for industrial or institutional facilities.
  • Development of Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).
  • Interface with I/O systems and programmable logic control (PLC) systems.
  • Custom training manual and user training course development.
  • Custom training on automation systems.

PLC Systems Design


PLC systems design, procurement, installation, ladder development and commissioning.

Applications, selection, procurement, installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, upgrading of all major brands of Programmable Logic Controllers.

Door control, factory automation and process control in any industry.

  • Allen Bradley
  • GE Fanuc
  • Modicon
  • Square D
  • Omron

Closed Circuit Television Systems

Security Camera

CCTV Systems

  • Design, installation, and commissioning of all major brands of CCTV and CATV equipment and components.
  • Intelligent IP Based video surveillance
  • Fixed and Pan, tilt, and zoom cameras, enclosures.
  • Quad’s, Multiplexers, DVR’s
  • Switchers, matrix switches, power supplies, and other related equipment.
  • Design, installation, and commissioning of CATV cabling and components for all types of applications.

Harding DXL / DXI Intercom

Harding Instruments

Status Automation is a fully trained and certified supplier, installer, and maintainer of Harding Detention Grade Security Communication products. We have implemented Harding equipment extensively in our ventures in security system integration.

The Harding Instruments MicroComm DXI and DXL systems are both advanced microprocessor driven intercom and paging systems designed for the correctional and high security market. Harding's first MicroComm products were commissioned into service in 1987 and the DXI family has been selling throughout North America since 1996.

  • I/O products
  • LonWorks communications
  • Public Address interface
  • Radio System Interface
  • Nurse/Cell Call

Visit Harding's website for more information on MicroComm DXI and DXL Systems.

DSMMaster StationStation

Actall Corporation Wireless Personal Alarm Locator Systems

Pals 2

Status Automation is a fully trained and certified supplier, installer, and maintainer of Actall Security Products. We have implemented Actall equipment in many of our security system integration projects.

The PALS was specifically designed for use in facilities and institutions where duress and harmful situations could occur. Prisons and Jails, Mental Health Institutions, Juvenile Camps, Courtrooms, Pharmaceutical or Chemical Companies, Industrial Facilities and school or college campuses are just a few examples of PALS applications.

The system is designed to be installed without the need for extensive wiring, conduits and labor. It also provides the finest in wireless technology utilizing 900MHz spread spectrum radio transmissions for quality signaling to the PALS alert Monitoring Center CPU for alarm annunciation.


Visit Actall's website to download wireless products specification literature Datasheets.

We Take Pride In Excellence

It's more than just a catchphrase! From our Field Operations and our Head Office Support staff to our Health and Safety program, we truly do Take Pride in Excellence. Our reputation is built on this commitment, and excellence will continue to be the driving force behind our approach to any work we undertake. It is because of this reputation that we are invited to work on projects throughout North America, and it is our commitment to excellence that has helped us win a wide range of awards on many of the projects we have been involved with.

Some of our Clients:

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Vancouver Aquarium

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Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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Fraser Health


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