System 2000X - Access Control

Many Owners require access controlled (card reader, etc) doors throughout their facility. These doors may also need to have shared control with a central control room via touchscreen or panel. Status identified the need for a fully integrated Access Control/HMI system to simplify and enhance the product and interface between users, PLC, touchscreen and database.

The System 2000X Access Control module utilizes a combined database of users, control officers, general staff and maintenance personnel. Individual account definitions allow administrators to specify access rights for both operator log-on and access cards using this common database. Industry standard access control concepts of user rights, permissions, groups, schedules, etc are used. A single list / database of users, combined security access and exception reports, single point of entry/maintenance for users, groups, permissions, passwords, schedules, log-ins etc.

The benefits for system integration and hardware maintenance are also extensive:

  • The reader interface is industry standard Weigand protocol, supporting virtually any brand or form of device input.
  • Reader interface is available on the market - not soul source to a single contractor.
  • Wiring is simple single twister pair from interface board in a star topology.
  • Interface boards can be mounted in a rack, adjacent to the door, or in any other convenient location.
  • Separate PLC input and PLC outputs are not required to interface, but rather all communications are via API in the HMI servers.
  • Redundancy is fully supported.
  • The system can be distributed over Ethernet, fiber, and all other networks.
  • Communications are fully secure.
  • Cost per reader is substantially less than traditional access control systems.
  • Protocol and interface is not proprietary to the contractor or integration supplier.

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